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More Heart Games

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Two cardiovascular fitness games for grades K-3 with a “healthy heart” message.  
Submitted by Christi Kay, Marietta, Georgia.



Concept: Five major heart risk factors are: smoking, inactivity, poor nutrition, stress, and overfatness.

Pre-Activity: Show the students pictures of inappropriate health styles that contribute to cardiovascular unfitness. Talk about the five heart risk factors.

Activity: This is a fun imagery activity. The students are in a scattered formation about the playing area. The students will respond to the teacher’s commands in the following manner:

Wellness Walk: The students perform a brisk walk.

High Blood Pressure: Jump up into the air as high as possible!

Smoking: Cough as you walk around the area.

Stress: Run around the area and waving the arms frantically!

Overfat: Move very slowly and without much feeling.

Junk Food: Walk while groaning and holding your stomach.

Inactivity: Pretend to be watching T.V. or playing video games.

Heart Attack: Perform 3 or more of the heart risk factors.

Three Cheers for Fitness: Shake hands with as many people as possible.

Play an upbeat record and lead your students in this fun “follow the commands” activity!

Follow-Up Activities: Create a story about a person’s life and the cardiovascular risk factors in that person’s day-to-day living. As a risk factor is mentioned, the students act out the risk factor until you raise your hand.

The story may end with the person having a heart attack, at which time, the students perform as many heart risk factors as possible. You can also talk about how the heart risk factors can be controlled. For example: High blood pressure can be controlled by medication, loss of weight, proper nutrition, and/or regular exercise!


Concept: The more you smoke the more difficult it becomes for you to remain physically active.

Pre-Activity: Talk about the benefits of exercise with your students. These are the things that help your body feel good and look good. Talk about the “bad” things we can do to our bodies. Smoking is certainly a “bad” way to treat your body.

Activity: This is a fun tag game. One player is selected to be a smoker (It). This player will try and tag the rest of the students. If a student is tagged, he/she must hold hands with the smoker and continue to chase the students.

As additional students are tagged, they join on to the end of the “smoker’s chain.” Thus the cigarette chain grows longer and longer and making it harder and harder to move quickly.

When the chain gets to be so large that the game appears to slow down, stop the game and ask the smoker what happens when more and more “cigarettes” joined the group. Select a new It and continue for another round.

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