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Monsters on the Loose

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A seasonal tag game developed by a first grade student.  
Submitted by Lisa Feingold-Smith  Deer Park, New York. Grades K-3.  


This game was created by a first grade student named Molly Cain. It is a delightful game, which is especially exciting during the Halloween season.


  • 6 – 10 hula hoops
  • 2 portable indoor soccer goals or folding gym mats

How We Play It:
The game takes place in a mad scientist’s laboratory. Two students are chosen as the monsters, who are “It.” The monsters lie down on the floor inside a monster cage. The cage is created by placing the goals on either side of the players, creating a cage look. The monsters only respond to the mad scientist’s request. A teacher or a student may be the mad scientist. The mad scientist is now the “caller.”

The rest of the students are cookies. The students are divided into small groups of cookies (i.e., Oreo’s, Chocolate Chip cookies, Oatmeal cookies, etc.). The mad scientist calls out the name of a cookie and the monsters rise from the cage and try to tag the “cookies” who are to run across the laboratory without being tagged. They wait at the other side of the lab until all of the other cookie groups are called.

Should the students be tagged, they are to sit in the bowls of milk (the hula hoops), which are placed on the side of the gym until the next round. Play for 2-3 minutes, making sure to rotate the players for new monsters. This game brings lots of ghoulish giggles.

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