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Minutes to Glory

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Here’s a frenzied aerobic and hand-eye activity guaranteed to keep everyone active.

This is a neat cup stacking activity performed in groups of three (groups of two will also work well). Give each group a stack of cups, a score sheet, a pencil, and a hand counter (optional).

In this activity, there are seven individual 1-minute challenges. How many times in 1 minute can the following patterns be performed:

  • 3-cup pyramid
  • 6-cup pyramid
  • 10-cup pyramid
  • 3-3-3
  • 3-6-3
  • 6-6
  • 1-10-1

Each group of three players finds their own space in the gym. Each group will need to designate a Performer, an On-Deck player, and a Scorer. On the teacher’s signal to begin:

  • The Performer completes the activity as many times as possible during the 1-minute round.
  • The Scorer counts the number of patterns completed during the round.
  • After 1 minute, the teacher sounds a signal and the On-Deck player begins. Do not stop the clock!
  • The previous Performer becomes the Scorer while the old Scorer moves into the On-Deck position.
  • When each player has performed for 1 minute, they move to the next challenge as listed on the previous page. Again, the teacher does not stop the clock! The game is over when all seven of the activities have been completed by all of the players.


  • Instead of having the groups compete against each other, have a Class Goal for each class.
  • For example, set a group goal to reach a combined class score of 100 stacks. Now, each group is working towards contributing to this class goal.
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