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Mind and Muscle

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Here’s a good poem to help remember muscles.  
Submitted by Nancy Forester, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.  


(Several years ago, Conant Elementary purchase dyna-bands. Since that time, we have been looking for fun ways for our students to learn the muscles, their function, and what exercises to do to make them stronger. Emily Fellows, a fifth grader, wrote the following poem. We think it’s great!)

My Muscles Make Me Move!

By Emily Fellows
Fifth Grade

Quadricep, quadricep look at me!
This great muscle helps extend my knees.

Triceps, triceps watch me glow,
As I use this muscle to extend my elbow.

Deltoid, deltoid please don’t hide!
I need you to raise my arm away from my side.

Obliques, obliques you can’t collide,
You twist my trunk forward and to the side.

Gastrocnemius, here’s a fact to know.
This muscle extends my ankle and points my toe.

Hamstrings, hamstrings watch out for bees.
This is the muscle to flex your knees.

Soleus, soleus go, go, go!
If I didn’t have you I wouldn’t be able to extend my ankle nor point my toe.

Gluteus maximus, gluteus maximus if I fall, if I slip
It would hurt this muscle which extends my hip.

Sternocleidomastoid, sternocleidomastoid, you might be small, you might be wide.
This muscle flexes my head and neck forward and to the side.

Latissimus dorsi, latissimus dorsi, here’s a fact.
This great muscle pulls my arm down and back.

Erector spinae, erector spinae you’re so fine!
This handy muscle extends my spine.

Abdominals, abdominals, I’m down in a funk.
Please do your job and flex my trunk.

Pectoralis major, pectoralis major you really help me!
You move my shoulder and arm toward the midline of my body.

Abductor, abductor, what do you say?
You can move my leg away.

Adductor, adductor, can you see
How you can move my leg to me?

Without these muscles,
It would be hard to hustle!

So keep in shape
And exercising will be a piece of cake!

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