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Merry Fitness Obstacle Course

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Laurie Hinman from Albuquerque, New Mexico submitted this holiday obstacle course for grades 2-6.  

This holiday obstacle course helps my students to review skill concepts they have learned throughout the year. Students start at various points on the course and move at their own pace in a clockwise direction. Demonstrations and signs at each area help the students remember each activity. The following are examples of the stations that we use for this activity:

Station #1: Volley the Ornaments – At this station, the students tap brightly-colored balloons or inflatable “ornaments” in the air 10-30 times, using various body parts.

Station #2: Snowshoe Maze – At this station, the students walk on wood block stilts through a maze created with wands or jump ropes. You could also mark the maze with chalk or tape.

Station #3: Candy Cane Hockey – We wrap red plastic hockey sticks with white tape to resemble “candy canes” and students dribble a whiffle ball, weaving in and out of cones (“trees” in the forest).

Station #4: Jingle Jump – At this station, the students jump 10-30 times with a single jump rope with bells attached. Use rubber bands to attach the bells to each rope.

Station #5: Snowball Toss – At this station, the students shoot a basketball (we use white basketballs) at the basket. Take a maximum of three shots, then move to the next area.

Station #6: Gingerbread Man – Attach a cutout gingerbread man to a plastic bowling pin. Students stand behind a line and toss bean bags at the gingerbread man.

Station #7: Hop on the Potato Latkes – At this station, the students jump in a hopscotch pattern on plastic poly spots.

Station #8: Cookies and Hot Chocolate – The students stand behind a line and toss “cookies” (frisbees) to a bucket labeled “Hot Chocolate.”

Station #9: Luminarias – Luminarias, a New Mexico holiday tradition, are small paper bags containing a little sand and a votive candle. I put a little sand (without the candles) in the bottom of each bag and students foot dribble a soccer ball through pairs of luminarias.

Station #10: Sled Slalom – At this station, the students sit on a scooter and maneuver through closely spaced cones (expert slope) or widely spaced cones (bunny slope).

Station #11: Balance Beam – At this station, the students pretend to be tamales (traditional New Mexican holiday food) and top themselves with red or green chile by placing a bean bag on their heads and walk along the balance beam. Modify this for your region by pretending to be “ice cream” with butterscotch or chocolate topping, for example.

Variations: 1.) Challenge the students to move through the course as quickly as possible. 2.) Divide into small (2-3 students) groups and complete the course in relay fashion. 3.)

Older students will enjoy playing “Beat the Clock,” challenging the students to complete one circuit in less than 2 minutes (you determine the time to beat).

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