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Matching Plates


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A “getting-to-know-you” game for grades K-3.  
Submitted by Jim Stillwell, Tuscaloosa, AL.


BACKGROUND: Here is a great “mixer/get acquainted” activity for your K-3 students. Make a set of matched paper plates. You can use a variety of words, pictures, names, and colors. Give one paper plate to each child. Then ask the class to find someone who:

1.) has the same item on their plate. When finding your matching partner, have each student share the name of their favorite food.

2.) has an item beginning with the same first letter. When finding this partner, have each student share their birthdate.

3.) has an item with the same color. When finding this partner, have each student share their favorite sport.

Continue the activity for 5-8 different partners. Have the students share other information: favorite cartoon character, special hobby, etc.

The activity can be modified by having the students skip, gallop, or jump to a new partner.

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