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Marshmallows in Hot Chocolate


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Here’s a good team building game for grades K-5.  
Submitted by Brooke Bedenbaugh, Greenwood, South Carolina.


Background: “Marshmallows in Hot Chocolate” is a team building activity that allows students to work together by encouraging each other and lending a helping hand in order to accomplish their goals.

This activity increases students’ motivational and social skills. Students realize that if they do not cooperate with their peers, the activity cannot be completed.

- Eight large polyspots or carpet squares(marshmallows)

How We Play It: The object of the activity is to get from Point A to Point B using the “marshmallows” and without falling in the “hot chocolate.” Divide the class into groups of eight. Each group will need eight carpet squares or large polyspots. The students line up behind one another, with the lead person being the marshmallow placer.

The eight students are given a marshmallow, with the leader the only one who can place the marshmallows. When placing the marshmallows, the leader’s foot must be on the marshmallow at all times. If at any time the foot is not on a marshmallow, it will be removed, increasing the chances of someone on the team falling into the hot chocolate.

In Other Words: The lead person starts at Point A. Upon stepping toward Point B, he takes the marshmallow, places it under his foot, and steps down “securing” the marshmallow in place.

The lead person is not allowed to remove the back foot off the previous marshmallow until the next person in line has his foot along side the lead person’s foot. The leader can then place both feet on the marshmallow that has just been placed and is handed another marshmallow to be put down.

Even though the students following the leader are not placing the marshmallows, they must follow the same rules as their leader as to placement of their feet. If at any time their feet are not on the marshmallows or if they remove their feet without the next person in line having her foot on the marshmallow, the marshmallow will be removed. The game will start over if a student falls into the hot chocolate for any reason.

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