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Mario Brothers

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A video game themed activity for grades 3-6.  
Submitted by Katherine Brick, Fitchburg, Massachusetts.


BACKGROUND: This is an activity to work on ball handling and dodging skills. It is patterned after the Nintendo game “Mario Brothers.” Divide your class into two teams. Teams line up the length of the gym facing each other.

The object of the game is to score points for your team by having the ball make contact with the students designated as the “Mario Brothers.”

One utility ball is given to each member on one team. To start play, one team starts rolling their ball to the partner on the opposing team, who in turn rolls the ball back. The utility balls continue to be rolled between players throughout play.

Two students are selected to be “Mario” and “Luigi” and start at one end of the playing area. Upon a signal, team players start to roll the balls at will. Team players have three seconds to hold the ball before they must return it to their partner.

The “Mario Brothers” begin to proceed through the rolling balls. They can only walk forward, pause, or jump over the balls. They also have the option to stay in any zone for five seconds before advancing to the next zone.

One point is scored for the team whose player makes contact with Mario while he/she is in their zone. No team player can hit “Mario” or “Luigi” once they have left their zone. Simply allow the students to continue practicing their rolling and catching skills for the next round.

To increase difficulty, we have developed four levels of game play that the “Mario Brothers” must travel through:

Level 1- Rolling balls

Level 2- Little bounces

Level 3- High bounces

Level 4- Low toss with one or two bounces

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