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Making an Olympic Connection


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Marcia Bassham from Ellicott City, Maryland submitted this cool Winter Olympics game.  Grades K-5.  

To help our students understand the events of the Winter Olympics, we use a series of fun activities. Here is an overview of two of the more successful activities we use.

Olympic Reading: 3 New Facts – Collect as many books or articles as possible about the Winter Olympics or Olympic sports. Be sure to have various reading materials to meet the needs of a variety of reading levels. Ask the reading specialist, media specialist, or classroom teachers to help with this. Create a “reading room” in one corner of the gym.

Once a month, have the students select a book or article to read for a 10-minute period. After this time is up, have the class share information by recording Winter Olympic information on sheets of large chart paper placed on a gym wall.

Each sheet of paper is divided into three sections – the student’s name, subject/sport, and three new facts. After the students have completed writing this information, the students read the sheets to see what new information their classmates have discovered.

Olympic Scavenger Hunt – This activity uses eight sets of Olympic rings made from colored construction paper and then laminated. Tape the Olympic rings on various walls throughout the school at high traffic areas – library, cafeteria, gym, etc. During a 2-week period, the students can enter our “Find the Olympic Rings” contest. On a piece of paper, the students write down the eight places where the Olympic rings are located.

The answers are placed in a box located outside the gym. The students who have the correct answers receive a certificate or other type of recognition. In addition, the names of the students are placed in the school newsletter.

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