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Magic Words


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Janet Getman from Herkimer, New York submitted this good activity for grades K-6.  

Magic Words: I use this teaching tip every year and it is a great hit with my students. When the school year begins, I explain to my classes that I have two magic words. The first is “freeze” and on this command all students have to stop what they are doing. If they are caught moving they are out. We make a game of this to see who is the best freezer. They love this and it helps me to get control of the class right away.

My second word is any fruit (“apples,” “bananas,” “oranges,” etc.). I use fruit for K-3 and healthy snacks for 4-6 (“carrot sticks,” “yogurt,” etc.). On this command, all students must sit right where they are. Sometimes I trick them and yell “pickles.” (You just can’t say “pickles” without a smile and a laugh from the kids!) These commands are very helpful when someone comes into my gym and I need quick attention from the students. This also helps me move from one activity to another quickly.

Another Idea: At the end of class, we do a fun song in line while waiting for their teacher. It goes like this: (“Farmer in the Dell” tune)

Verse 1: “My hands are by my sides, my hands are by my sides, hi ho the dairy-o, my hands are by my sides.
Verse 2: “I’m standing nice and tall …”
Verse 3: “I’m quiet as a mouse (this is whispered) …”

By the time the song is over, the students are ready for the teacher with our “hall manners” on! I hope this helps you.

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