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Here is one great football lead-up to try with your kids!
Submitted by Elton Dickens from Raleigh, North Carolina. 4-8
Background: This is fun football lead-up game with great cardiovascular benefits!

Equipment: Flag football belts (for all participants), cones (for boundaries and goals), and footballs (enough for one entire team).

How We Play: This game usually played with 6-8 students per team, but the numbers may vary. One team (offense) lines up along its goal line with all team members carrying a football. The defense spreads out along the midfield area. On a signal, the entire offense begins to run downfield, eluding the defenders and attempting to score. The defense tries to pull the flags of the players on offense. If the flag is pulled, the offensive player stops and gives the defender the football. Those who make it across the goal line score one point each for their team. Teams then switch roles as the play continues. Play several rounds of this game, keeping a cumulative score.

Teacher Tips: (1) Emphasize securely carrying the football (4-point carry: hand, forearm, bicep, and ribs). (2) Provide additional practice in ways to elude a defender (feint, jab & go, spin, etc.).

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