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Mad Scientist Tag

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This is a great tag game submited by Susan Miller and David Helton from Ringgold, Georgia.  K-2  

Background: This creative tag game is designed to help children with spatial awareness, dodging and fleeing, and cardiovascular fitness. An added benefit of the game is that it teaches other positive character education behaviors (i.e., helping others).


- Pinnies or jerseys for the taggers
- Small flow markers or other items that can serve to give shots
- Optional: wigs and glasses for the mad scientists


How to Play: Depending on the size of your group, select 2 to 4 students to be the “mad scientists.” These are the taggers. The mad scientists are trying to take over the world by tagging other children and turning them into bugs. Students who are tagged must lie on their back and kick their arm and legs until rescued.

Good Doctors: Three to five children are given the small flow markers (or other item that can be used to “administer shots”) and are the “good doctors.” The good doctors travel around the playing area giving shots to the bugs. The shot contains an antidote that turns the bugs back into lovely school children, thus thwarting the mad scientist’s evil plan. Good doctors are cautioned that they must be very gentle when giving the shots. Doctors may not be tagged by the evil scientists.

We play the game for a few minutes and then allow the mad scientists and good doctors to give their gear to the closest person who has not had a turn and then start again.

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