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Lord of the Rings

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This is a fun game with lots of cardiovascular activity.  
Submitted by Sheila Bush from Mechanicsburgh, Pennsylvania.  K-6  



Background: This is a fun activity with a high level of cardiovascular fitness (i.e., lots of running and agility) that encourages teamwork and cooperation skills. It is based on the popular Lord of the Rings series.


- Cones
- Pinnies/vests
- Deck tennis rings (US Games’ soft rubber ones work great!)

Set-Up: Divide the class into 5-6 teams. One team is designated to be the taggers (Gollums/Smegiels). The other teams line up behind one of the cones as shown in the diagram. At the other end of the playing area are 24 deck tennis rings placed behind a line of cones. The object of the game is to “capture” as many rings as possible.


How We Play It: The tagging team is given pinnies to wear. These players are the Smegiels who are guarding the “rings.”

On the teacher’s command, the first players in line run into the playing area to retrieve one of the rings without being tagged by a Smegiel.

Non-Stop Action: If a player is able to get back to his line safely with a ring, the next player immediately starts to run to get another ring. If a player without a ring is tagged, he quickly runs back to his line and tags the next player. If a player with a ring is tagged, he must place the ring back behind the line of cones. However, the next player in line can start running as soon as the player with the ring is tagged. Also, the Smegiels may not go behind the line of cones where the rings have been placed.

Other Rules: We change taggers every 2-3 minutes until each team has been the taggers. When all or most of the rings have been “captured,” the team with the most rings is declared the “Lord of the Rings.”

Teacher Tip: We sometimes place all of the rings back for a final round. This seems to motivate more students to continue being active (most know they do not have enough points to win). The team who is able to capture the most rings during this last round is the “Lord of the Rings” for the day!

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