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Locomotor Obstacle Course


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Midge Bendell from Jacksonville, Florida submitted this great obstacle course for grades K-6.  

Background: Because we have such limited indoor space, we are always looking for easy-to-organize games and other activities for our students. The Locomotor Obstacle Course really seems to fit the bill! It can be used as a fun warm-up activity with our older students and gives additional practice for our K-2 students to develop and refine their locomotor skills in a colorful and exciting atmosphere. They are also getting a great cardiovascular workout at the same time!

- Polyspots and/or Cones
- Floor tape
- Jump ropes
- CD/Tape Player
- Foam hurdles (or other suitable equipment)

How We Do It: We set-up the gym as shown on the following page using available pieces of equipment. The students are assigned to different starting points on the obstacle course. Using upbeat background music, the students move in rows as they use a variety of locomotor skills to get through the obstacle course. We use floor marking tape to mark where to run and walk, cones for skipping, polyspots for jumping, hurdles to leap over, and jump ropes to mark off where to gallop.

As the students leave the galloping area, they proceed to the running area to begin the obstacle course again! Our kids love it!

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