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Lizard Tag

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Unleash your students’ imagination with this creative game!

- Jump ropes (1 for each Lizard)
- Foam Paddles (2 for each Eagle)
- Music

BACKGROUND This game integrates the scientific concepts of the “food chain” and the ability of a lizard to regenerate a tail. In this game, your gym is transformed into a vast desert with four oases placed at the corners of the playing area. Our desert is home to two animals – Golden Eagles and Desert Lizards!

HOW TO PLAY Select five students to be the Golden Eagles. Each is given two foam paddles (Wings). The rest of the class are the Desert Lizards and are given a jump rope. The Desert Lizards stand at one of the four oases as shown. They keep the jump rope (Tail) loosely tucked into their waistband.

STARTING THE GAME The Golden Eagles meet in the “Great Nest” in the middle of the gym. When the music starts, the eagles soar out of the nest and try to step on as many lizard tails as possible! When a lizard loses its tail, they must stop, pick up their tail, and move quickly to the closest oasis and perform 10 Lizard Jumping Jacks, or other designated lizard exercise to “regenerate” their tail and get back into the game. When the song is over, select five new Golden Eagles and a new exercise for the Lizards and play another round.

VARIATIONS To add a bit of variation to this activity, we sometimes place cones of differing height in the playing area to represent cacti. Now the Lizards must watch out for the Eagles and try not to get their tails to touch or knock over a cactus. When they get “pricked,” they will go to one of the corners to do the designated “Lizard Exercise” before continuing to play.

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