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Let’s Go On a Treasure Hunt


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Here’s a fun song activity for grades K-2.  
Submitted by Jim Dussault,Virginia Beach, Virginia.


“Treasure Hunt” is an adaptation from the old chanting game “The Lion Hunt.” The students will echo each line that you recite.

Teacher: Students:
“Let’s go on a treasure hunt!” “Let’s go on a treasure hunt!”
“O.K. …. heave ho!” “O.K. …. heave ho!”
“Sailing through the water,” “Sailing through the water,”

Teacher: (As students echo)

“(Following the chart.)”
“Oh, look, … there’s a reef”
“Can’t go over it,”
“Can’t go under it,”
“Steer through it.”
“O.K. …. heave ho!”

“Hard a starboard (turn wheel right)”
“Hard a port (turn wheel left),”
“Straight ahead,”
“Hard a port,”
“Hard a starboard,”
“Straight ahead.”

“Sailing through the water,”
“Sounding for the bottom,”
“Oh, look, … there’s an island!”
“Drop the sails,”
“O.K. …. heave ho!”
(pretend to lower halyard)

“Drifting in the water,”
“Turning to the wind,”
“Time to drop the anchor,”
“O.K. …. heave ho!”
(pretend to turn capstain)

“Climbing in the long boat,”
“Heading for the beach,”
“Pull hard … for the beach”
(sit and pretend to row).

“Walking through the trees,”
“Following the map,”
“20 paces north …. 10 paces west,”
“Here’s the spot,”
“Time to dig.”
“O.K. …. heave ho!” (pretend to dig).

“Clink!!! … What’s this?”
“It’s hard!”
“It’s a chest … a treasure chest?”
“Pull it up.”
“Wack it open!”
(pretend to hit with shovel)
“Pull it open!”

“It’s full of scorpions … RUN!!!”

“Run to the beach!” (run in place)

“Row the boat!” (sit and row)

“Pull up the anchor!”
(turn capstain, opposite direction)

“Hoist the sails!” (pull halyard)

“Steer the reef!” (repeat steering)

“Let’s go on a treasure hunt!”

“Not today,”

“Maybe tomorrow, but not today.”

The End!

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