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Lacrosse Baseball

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This is a great Lacrosse lead-up game that we have used with great success! 4-8

- 4 bases
- Lacrosse sticks
- Tennis balls

CLASS SET-UP Each game has two teams. The bases are placed in a diamond shape as in the game of baseball. In place of a Lacrosse ball, we use a tennis ball. We have found this to be a great alternative to the hard rubber balls.

HOW TO PLAY This activity is a great lead-up game for the game of Lacrosse that our 4th-8th grade students really love! Set-up each playing area as seen in the graphic. The fielding team and the “batter” are the only players who need Lacrosse sticks.

RULES This game does not have a pitcher, as the “batter” uses a lacrosse stick to throw the ball into the field. He drops the stick and runs the bases as in the game of baseball. The outfield players will retrieve the ball and stop the runner from advancing by:
- Catching the ball on the fly or after one bounce for an out.
- Throwing the ball to 1st base for an out or other bases for a forced out.
- Throwing the ball to the base that the runner is running toward. For example, if the player is running toward Home, the fielding team may throw the ball to a teammate cover- ing Home. This will stop play and the next “batter” is up.
- Tagging the runner. The fielder must have the ball in the pocket of the stick and tag the runner with his free hand

VARIATIONS Sometimes we’ll vary the game so that the batter scores a “home run” if he is able to run all of the bases before the fielding team can get the ball to a designated student standing at Home. If the base runner gets to Home first, it is an “inside-the-park” home run. If the fielding team gets the ball back first, it is an out. Allow five outs before changing sides.

W.O.W. Depending on skill level, we usually let everyone “bat” before switching sides.

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