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Jump Rope Bowling

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Matt Dykstra from Omaha, Nebraska submitted this game for grades K-8.

Background: We recently finished our bowling unit and I was looking for a transition into the jump rope unit. “Jump Rope Bowling” is a fun activity that combines the scoring found in the game of bowling with jump rope skills. The kids have tested it and we have found that they can review their score keeping skills for bowling while making the jump rope skills interesting. Enjoy!


- Students will practice various rope jumping skills.
- Students will review score keeping in bowling.
- Students will work cooperatively with a partner.


- Enough jump ropes for each group
- Pencils for each group
- ”Jump Rope Bowling” score sheets for each student

Set-Up: Pair the students up. If there is an odd number, have one group of three; however, smaller groups are better because more time is spent on jumping skills. Allocate one pencil, one jump rope, and one score sheet for each group. Have the groups scatter so there is ample room for each group.

Students have two attempts at jumping 10 times in a row. If a student jumps 10 in a row, they earn a strike for that frame. If they make a mistake at, say, jump 6, they have a second chance to earn a spare — 4 more consecutive jumps. If they do not reach a total of 10, then the score is written accordingly.

Each frame consists of a different jump rope skill. The skills may be arranged easy to difficult, or there may be some sort of a pattern, depending on the skill ability of the class. They may also create their own skill sequence with a blank score sheet.

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