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How the Kids Saved Christmas

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Matt Dykstra from Omaha, Nebraska submitted this fun game for grades 3-6.

Background: Now that the kids are back from the Christmas holidays, you can share this interesting chasing and fleeing activity with them!

- Four hula hoops
- Four medium cones
- Four Grinch hats or green jerseys
- Yarn balls, beanbags, small cones, deck rings, etc.
- Scooters for everyone
- Four “Winter Words” signs

Set-Up: This activity is played inside the gym using the basketball court as boundaries. Place one hoop in each corner of the gym. Next to each hoop, place a cone with “Winter Words” taped on it. Place all the equipment representing toys in the center circle of the basketball court. Divide the class into five equal teams (one at each hoop and one at the center circle). The students in the center are “Grinches.” Give the center group Grinch hats or green jerseys to wear.

How We Play It: All students, including the Grinches, are on scooters. On the teacher’s signal, the four groups will try to take a toy from the Grinches. The Grinches attempt to protect the toys by tagging the students, either before or after they steal a toy back from the center circle (cave).

When a student is tagged, he picks up his scooter and goes to his cone by his hoop home. He then chooses an exercise to perform while he spells a winter word from the list taped to the cone – for example: eight jumping jacks while spelling the word “reindeer.” If a student has a toy and is tagged, he must return the toy to the cave prior to going to his exercise cone. Grinches may not stay inside the cave during the game, but may go in occasionally to tag another student.

Play until all of the toys have been rescued or until a designated amount of time (e.g., 3 minutes) has expired. The activity can be continued with four new players (one from each group) becoming Grinches.

“Winter Words” cards consist of winter words for students to spell as they do their exercises. For example: snowflake, blizzard, reindeer, snowball, jingle bells, etc. Tape these to the cones.

Winter Words

Jingle Bells
Snow Fort
Snow Drifts
Snow Angels

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