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How the Grinch Did Not Steal Christmas

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Here’s a Christmas warm-up game from Jan Bierschbach, Milbank, South Dakota.  Grades 2-4.

This is a cardiovascular Christmas warm-up activity that was designed by one of my fourth grade classes.

Equipment: Six outlines of Christmas trees, made with green floor tape (mine were 7′ x 7′); ten beanbags scattered in each Christmas tree; stopwatch.

  • The beanbags represent presents;
  • The jump circle represents Santa’s bag;
  • The students are the elves;
  • Each tree is occupied by a student who is the Grinch.

Activity: This warm-up activity is played in the gym. The elves (students) are scattered in the playing area. When the Christmas music begins, the elves (students) attempt to take a present from the tree to put in Santa’s bag for Christmas delivery. The Grinch, who has to keep one foot in the tree at all times, attempts to tag any elf who tries to take the presents.

If an elf is tagged, he has to put the present back in the tree, plus go to Santa’s bag and take a present (bean bag) and put it in the Grinch’s tree. The activity is played for 30 seconds. The Grinch’s goal is to have as many presents in his tree when time is called; and the elves’ goal is to get as many presents as possible into Santa’s bag. New Grinches are chosen after the 30-second period.

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