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Hoop Hits

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Here’s one solution for when more than one class is in the gym at a time.  
Submitted by Pam Blanford, Chandler Deep, John Meme, and Tim Sestak from Loganville, Georgia.  4-6


Background: Here’s one solution for a rainy day when more than one class is in the gym at a time. This game is designed to combine the two sports of basketball and wiffle ball. The game further encourages teamwork, cooperation skills, and promotes cardiovascular fitness.


- 4 basketballs
- 7 large hula-hoops
- 6 plastic bats
- 6 wiffle balls
- 6 batting tees or large cones for hitting
- 16 small cones or poly spots
- I large cone for home base
- 2 boxes or milk crates

Set-Up: The game is played inside the gym. The equipment is used as shown on the diagram on the next page. Divide the students into two teams. One team is in the field and the other will be at bat. The fielding team will have two players called catchers in the front court. The batting team will divide into groups of six and stand against the gym wall.

How We Play It: In this game, there are six batters at a time. The first six players line up beside the batting tees. The object of the game is to run through the coned track area and around home base as many times as possible before the fielding team makes four baskets. On the whistle, the players hit the balls and return the bat to the hoop. They run through the coned area and around home (tall cone) as many times as possible.


Scoring: Each time a player passes home he scores one point for his team. The players standing against the wall shout out the score as their teammates pass home. The fielding team gets the wiffle balls and throws them to the two catchers. When all six wiffle balls are placed in the boxes, the catchers throw the four basketballs over the coned area to their teammates in the field.

Make Four Baskets! The fielding players then shoot the basketballs into the center goal. After a made basket, the fielding team returns the ball to the catchers. When all the basketballs are returned to the catchers, the teacher blows a whistle and the runners stop. After totaling all the runs scored, the next six players line-up at the tee. After all team members have batted, the teams change places. Other Thoughts: (1) Have four batters instead of six. (2) The bats must be returned and stay in the hoop, or the runs for that particular player do not count. (3) A ball that hits the ceiling will not score any runs for his or her team. (4) Instead of cones, we have used floor tape to mark off the running area.

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