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Hockey Mania

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J.D. Hughes and Butch Soles from Douglasville, Georgia submitted this great game.  Grades 3-8.

Hockey Mania is an excellent large-class alternative to the traditional floor hockey game! We guarantee participation, skill improvement, success and an aerobic workout.


  • Gym with basketball court markings
  • 4 soccer/hockey goals
  • 20-30 hockey pucks, hockey balls, both, etc.
  • 6-8 blue, green, red, and purple pinnies to represent each team
  • 24-32 hockey sticks
  • 4 sets of goalie gear (only necessary to enhance realism)
  • 28 cones to designate each team’s home

How We Do It: Divide the students into four equal teams. Each team should decide their team name (associated with their color). Each color will go to their designated corners of the gym where 6-8 hockey sticks will be placed. Those who have a stick and pinnie will be Team 1 for that color and, if necessary, those who do not have a stick will be called Team 2 for their specific color. Team 1 from each of the four colors will be called out to the floor (one person for each color is the goalie). Players from each team will decide who will play defense and offense. Place 20-30 pucks in the center circle.

On your signal, all of the offensive players will begin to move the hockey pucks to score as many pucks as possible in the opponents’ goals. At the same time, the defensive players will protect their goals. After all the pucks have been scored, count them up. Record the total score. Return all the pucks to center court. Team 2 will come out of their corners to play, while Team 1 cheers their color on from their designated corner.

Rules of the Game

1. Only the goalie may be in the goalie box.
2. Have 2-3 defensive players, outside their team’s goalie box, to guard it.
3. No high sticking.
4. No boundaries (you can play the pucks off the walls).
5. Do not touch the goalie (you must shoot from outside the goalie box).
6. Teams not playing must stay in their designated home area.
7. A signal is necessary to start/stop play.

After each game, record the scores. Remember: At the end of class the team with the least number of goals scored against them wins!

Variations: Use scooter boards with hand held hockey sticks (hockey stick replacement blades work best).

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