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Hockey Ball

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Here is a game of Hockey/Softball for grades 5-8.  
Submitted by Don Keener, Front Royal, Virginia.


Hockeyball is a combination of the game of softball and hockey created by one of our students, Phillip Sharp. Bases are placed on the gym floor. Place goals at second base and home. Students in the field have hockey sticks. The “batter” uses a stick at home plate to hit a stationary puck. The team at bat stands against the wall, out of the field of play.

Equipment: Hockey sticks and puck, 2 small indoor goals, and bases

Game Play: The batter hits the puck in fair territory, drops the stick, and runs to first. The fielders must use the stick to pass the puck to the first baseman. The runner is out if the puck hits first base before he does, or if the first baseman has the puck on his stick and his foot on the base. The bases with a goal nearby have a third option of scoring a goal before the runner reaches the base to get the runner out.

Rules: Traditional softball rules are used for most instances — three outs, sides switch, etc. Bases with goals are always a force play or all bases are always a force (teacher preference). If the puck does fly into the air, fielders may use their hands and catch the puck for an out (again, teacher discretion).

Comments: We have found this game increases the students’ hockey skills a great deal, particularly the skills of passing, receiving and shooting. This game also increases awareness of teamwork and cooperation.

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