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Here are three nice warm-ups for grades K-6.  
Submitted by Daniel Tenero, Westfield, Massachusetts.   


Here are three of our favorite instant warm-ups which blend lively music, creative movements, and good time fun!

Song:  ”Beep Beep” - Playmates (2:30). Rock ‘n’ Roll Hits of the 50′s, Vol. 2, 1986, Roulette Records. RCD58002.

How We Do It: The slow motion, walk, jog, run and sprint progression of this song is enjoyed by children in all elementary grades. To spice it up, add upper body movements like buckling seat belts, steering wheels, surprised faces, grabbing guts, brakes on, flying wings and beeping horns to cues in the song. For grades K-6.

Song:  “C-I-T-Y” – John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band (3:30). Tough All Over, 1993, Scotti Bros. 72392-75410-2

How We Do It: A rock and roll alternative to “Y-M-C-A.” We jog up to the first chorus, do jumping jacks up to the second, and do invisible rope work up to the third. On each chorus, we use our bodies to spell out C-I-T-Y and incorporate three overhead punches or reaches to fill the space between spellings. For grades 2-6.

Song:  “Shadow Dancing” – Greg and Steve (2:45) Kids in Motion, 1987, Youngheart Records. C-YR008

How We Do It: Circle up the class, using the center circle or a hoop as the “spotlight” spot. Review appropriate and safe warm-up movements. Have the children demonstrate several of their own. Turn on the music and do the first “shadow dance”/movement(s) yourself with the children doing the same. When the whistle blows three times in the song, choose a new “teacher” to lead the class in the “spotlight.” This song provides an opportunity to highlight students who might not normally step out, i.e., shy, new students to the school, etc. For grades K-2, Special Needs, Bilingual.

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