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Healthy Heart Stations


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Here’s a good activity for grades 3-5.  
Submitted by Charlene Schneckenberger, Angola, New York. 


Background: In this activity, the students are divided into one of six groups. Each group is given a “Healthy Heart Hunt” Sheet. This sheet has six listed activities. All of the players in a group must travel together and complete the six activities in the order indicated on the sheet. For example, the group with the “Healthy Heart Hunt” Sheet below would start with jogging around the gym two times. After jogging around the gym twice, they would go to the jumping jacks (or half jacks) station.

Work at Your Own Pace; This is not a race. Each group sets a pace that is comfortable for all members. As they come to a station, the students must read the poster aloud. Staying together, the students will perform the activities in numerical order.

Each group’s Healthy Heart Hunt sheet has a different numerical order. The final activity on all the sheets is to complete the assessment sheet as a group.

Healthy Heart Hunt Sheets: Please feel free to use the the sheet found above or design your own. Using the school computer, we designed the following posters that indicate the name of the station and other information needed to complete the Assessment Sheet.

Our Assessment Sheet: To culminate the activity, each group is required to complete a Healthy Heart Assessment Sheet shown on the next page. This helps to reinforce the students” learning and think a bit more reflectively about the need to be fit, healthy and ready to learn.

Other: Since February is “National Healthy Heart Month,” we also do a variety of other fun activities during this month. We do heartrate monitoring, play the Valentine Exchange Game where students exchange Valentines that have an exercise written on the back. Once a Valentine is exchanged, the students read and perform the exercise.

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