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Halloween Relays

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Fun seasonal relays for grades K-5.  
Submitted by Barb Wurz, Scotia, New York.



BACKGROUND: A few years ago, I used the Christmas Obstacle Course by Vicky Jaeger (November/December, 1986). It was such a wonderful experience that I was inspired to devise some Halloween relays for my students. I hope you enjoy ‘em!

1.) WITCH’S HAT RELAY: Cover a traffic cone with black construction paper and tape it in place. Have one hat per team. The students run with the hat on their heads to a designated turning point and back to their team. The student hands the hat to the next player as the relay continues.

2.) BATMAN’S BAT RELAY: Trace a picture of the Batman symbol onto black construction paper. Laminate it and punch two holes in the wings. Tie a yarn handle on it. This bat will be carried by each student to a designated turning point and back using a plastic whiffleball bat or lummi stick. The first two students in each team will have a bat or lummi stick that will be shared with the rest of the players as they take their turns.

3.) BROOMSTICK RELAY: Use floor hockey sticks for brooms. Each group will “ride” the broom down and around a cone and hand the broom to the next player. The contest ends with all groups sitting down and the “broom” at the front of the first player.

4.) MAGIC POTION RELAY: Each team member has an ingredient for this special brew! One by one, each of the relay members runs to the black hula hoop and places their ingredient into the magic kettle (the hula hoop).

Let the students make-up names for their items!

Example: Snake = Jump Rope

Rock = Beanbag

Dinosaur Egg = Basketball

Frog’s Head = Tennis Ball

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