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Halloween Games

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Here’s a Halloween game for grades K-5.  
Submitted by Sue Friesner Elkhart, Indiana.


Background: Need a new Halloween game or activity? Look no more! The following activities have been used with great success at our school.

Halloween Fitness Corners: This is a fun scooter board activity that helps to get everyone warmed-up for fun!

- Scooters for each student
- Halloween music and a “trick or treat” bag
- 4 Cones
- 4 Halloween pictures
- Halloween Fitness Cards (index cards with the name of each Halloween picture written on it)

Set-Up: Tape a Halloween picture (e.g., witch, ghost, skeleton, black cat) to each of the four cones and place each cone in a corner of the gym. The students are asked to keep either their bottoms, knees, backs, or stomachs in contact with the scooter for safety reasons.

How We Do It: When the music starts, the students begin moving about the gym in a clockwise direction. As long as the music is playing, the students should keep moving. The students are even allowed to spin in a circle as long as there is no other scooter close to them.

When the music stops, everyone goes to a corner. The teacher will pull one of the four Halloween Fitness Cards out of the “trick or treat” bag. All the students in that corner now have to do a Halloween exercise. For example, the students may have to do “10 jumping cats” (jumping jacks) before the music is played to start the next round. We play several rounds for our warm-ups.

Halloween Happenings: This is a fun station activity. The gym is transformed into a “Halloween Funhouse” with five activity stations.


- “Monster Mash” song and/or other Halloween music
- Homemade “Ghost” (trash bag filled with paper and covered with a white sheet.
- Trainer volleyballs
- Cones, Frisbees, Beanbags and Hula hoops
- Several Halloween Posters
- “Witches’ pots” (classroom trash cans)
- Orange gatorskin balls or foam pumpkins
- Volleyball net and standards
- Volleyballs

Set-up: The above equipment is used for the five activity stations that are set-up around the gym. Divide the class into five groups and assign the groups to a beginning station. We play Halloween music while the students are at the stations and stop the music to signal when it is time to rotate to the next station.

The following is a short description of our five activity stations.

#1.) What Goes “Bump” in the Night? At this station, the students are challenged to use the volleyball trainer to see if they can perform a “bump” pass to hit the “ghost” target hanging from the basketball goal. To make the ghost, we filled a trash bag with paper and draped a white sheet over the top of the bag. The ghost is hanging down from the goal by a rope.

One-by-one, each student tosses the volleyball trainer into the air, performs a bump, and tries to hit either the ghost (1 point), backboard (2 points), or make a basket (3 points). You can allow your younger students to throw or set the volleyball trainer to hit the ghost.

#2.) Capture the Witch’s Hat. At this station, the students are divided into two teams. Each team sees how many of the witch’s hats (traffic cones spray-painted black) they can capture with the “magic rings” (hula hoops). The first person in each team is given two hula hoops. He rolls the hula hoops, trying to get them to land over the top of one of the witch’s hats. When both hoops have been rolled, the player retrieves the hoops and gives them to the next player in line. Each team tries to capture the most hats before time is up.

#3.) Hit the Halloween Poster. At this station, the students are working on the overhand throw. Place several Halloween posters on the gym wall. Students take turns throwing at the targets from a designated line. Each person tries to score the most points by hitting the posters with bean bags. Each poster can have different point values, depending on the size of the poster or how far the thrower stands from the target.

#4.) The Witch’s Brew. At this station, the students are divided into two teams. Each team stands facing a witch’s boiling pot (small trash can). The first person from each team has three frisbees (“secret ingredients”). The students try to see how many frisbees they can throw into the witch’s boiling pot.

#5.) Catch the Pumpkin. At this station, the students are divided into two teams. Each team stands on one side of the volleyball net. Our younger students work on throwing and catching the “pumpkins” (orange gatorskin balls) over the net. Each ball caught scores 1 point for that team. The older students can work on serving, bumping, and setting a volleyball trainer or orange gatorskin balls over the net. If a ball is caught by the other side, the catching team scores a point. If the volleyball is not caught, the serving team scores the point. You can have two balls going at the same time.

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