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Halloween Fitness Course

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Halloween fitness course for grades K-6.  
Submitted by Dale Berry, Floyds Knobs, Indiana.


Background: Here is a great Halloween-theme fitness course that our students look forward to each fall!

Equipment Needed:
- 2 mats folded
- Boom box
- Halloween tapes – “Monster Mash,” “Addams Family,”  and “Ghostbusters”
- Pull-up bar, Dyna-bands, Flex-bands
- Beanbags (orange are seeds), round trash can, big pumpkin stuffed costume, footballs or Frisbees.
- Small Halloween puzzles
- Newspaper, orange leaf bags
- Scooters, inflatable little pumpkins, 2 long mats
- Hula hoops or hopscotch carpet
- Whiffle balls (2-4), little orange plastic candy bags with ties
- 2 car tires, 2 hula hoops
- Plastic white ghost bags filled with paper with ties, 8 bags
- Inflatable skeleton or plastic skeleton, bean bags, nerf balls
- Halloween Jingo Game, available at a teacher’s store

Gym Set-Up: Place orange paper pumpkins around on the floor between stations. Have numbers for the stations and signs to direct the students to the stations. The students travel from station to station using the designated locomotor skill (Example: walk, skip, slide) written on the pumpkins.

Other: We see our kindergarten students for 20 minutes and our first through sixth grade students for 40 minutes. Because of this time constraint, the kindergarten students only do five stations. The first-sixth grade students are able to complete all of the stations. At the end of the class, all of the students are given a certificate of participation. Listed below are the stations:

Activity Stations

Station 1: Boogie Aerobics/Step Aerobics on mats. Students pick Ghostbusters, Monster Mash or Addams Family.

Station 2: Monster Muscles (Pull-ups, 3-6), Bat Hang (Arm Hang, K-2), Dyna-Bands or Flex-Bands.

Station 3: Pumpkin Seeds – Throw beanbags into pumpkin (older kids throw footballs or Frisbees).

Station 4: Witchy Puzzles – Put Halloween Puzzles together.

Station 5: Pumpkin Run – Race against a partner around the gym carrying large orange leaf bags filled with newspaper.

Station 6: Shoot through the Pumpkin Patch on scooters and crawl through the Pumpkin Patch looking for the Great Pumpkin.

Station 7: Ghost Hops – Hopscotch with hula hoops or hopscotch carpet.

Station 8: Pumpkin Dribbling – Soccer dribble whiffle balls already inside orange plastic candy bags through the designated course.

Station 9: Pumpkin Roll – 4-6, Roll a tire around the gym and race your partner through cones. K-3, Roll a hula hoop down a straight line.

Station 10: Juggling Ghosts – 3-6, Juggle plastic ghost bags. K-2, Throw-catch plastic ghost bags.

Station 11: Rattle the Bones – Students throw beanbags at inflatable or plastic skeleton with bean bags or nerf balls. 4-6, Have students pull cards/pictures with certain bones; they must hit points given. K-3, Target anywhere.

Station 12: Halloween Jingo – A bingo style game.

In Closing: Please feel free to modify or create your own games. Boo!

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