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Half Ball

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This is an alternative softball game with a fun twist due to the differently-shaped ball.

- Soft rubber softball with 1/4 or 1/3 cut away
- Large plastic bat
- Set of bases

GAME SET-UP Play this game outdoors so that there is adequate space for students to react to the different bounce of the ball. Have 5-7 players per team.

HOW TO PLAY The team “at bat” uses one of their players as the pitcher. The game follows most of the conventional softball rules, with the exception of the following:
- The batters only receive three pitches. If the third pitch is fouled away, a 4th pitch is added.

WOW In order for this particular game to be successful (and fun), a series of “lead up” skill sessions with the modified ball should be stressed. The students overall skills of throwing, catching, and hitting the “modified” ball are recommended when playing this game.

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