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Guard the Snowballs

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Ellen Dunwoodie and Terrance Ostrander from Blasdell, New York, submitted this fun, fast-pace game.  Grades 2-6.

“Guard the Snowballs” is a fun, fast-paced game that develops fitness, agility, and teamwork.


  • 12 cones
  • 4 hula hoops
  • 40 white fleece balls or other suitable objects
  • 16-20 Gator Skin foam balls

To Begin: Divide the class into four teams. Each team is given a corner of the gym that is marked by cones. This is their homebase area. About fifteen feet from the homebase area is a hula hoop filled with ten white fleece balls (snowballs).

Object of the Game: The object of the game is to steal the other teams’ snowballs. When one team has all of their snowballs taken, the game ends and the team with the most snowballs is the winner.

Player Positions: After you have the four teams in their corners, further divide the teams into two smaller groups – the Runners and the Guards. The Runners stand in a line next to their homebase. When the game begins, the first Runner in line moves into the playing area and tries to collect one snowball from any of the other three groups. Only one snowball can be carried by a Runner at a time. The Runner puts the snowball in his or her team’s hula hoop and returns to the end of the line. Now the next Runner can go.

Each of the Guards are stationed inside the homebase area and have a Gator Skin foam ball. Their job is to roll the ball at any Runner who tries to get one of their “snowballs.” If hit by the ball, the Runner is “out” and returns to the end of their Runner’s line. The next Runner is now free to go. Runners who are hit while holding a snowball, must return the ball to the hula hoop. In addition, one of the Guards is the designated Retriever. The Retreiver is responsible for going outside the homebase area to get his or her team’s foam balls.

Safety: In this game, you only have eight players running around the gym at a time – four Runners and four Retrievers. Please remind them to watch where they are going and to be aware of the other players at all times.

Comments: This is a very fast moving game and everyone gets a good workout in the process. We rotate the players so everyone gets to be Runners and Guards.

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