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Great State Games

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“Great States” is another example of a yearly theme we have used in the past.
Here are several games we “re-designed” to have a “Great State” theme.

- Patricia McAlpin



“Midnight Ride of Paul Revere”
Equipment: 1 red pinnie and 1 red ball (for the Red Coat Tagger); 1 blue pinnie, and 1 small blue ball (for Paul Revere).
Formation: Scattered

Historical Background: Before the game begins, share with your students the role of Paul Revere in the American Revolution. Paul Revere rode on his horse warning all the towns people that the British were coming and to be ready to fight.

How to Play: One person is the Red Coat (British) and wears the red pinnie and tags players using the red foam ball. Another player is Paul Revere and wears the blue pinnie and has the blue foam ball.

How to Play: On the teacher’s signal to start, the Red Coat starts tagging students by touching them with the ball. When tagged, the students freeze and raise a hand and say “The British are coming.” Paul Revere can unfreeze a player by tagging the frozen player with the blue ball and saying “1 if by land, 2 if by sea.” Play serval rounds of 2-3 minutes. Have new students to be the Red Coat and Paul Revere.

Cereal Capital of the US
Equipment: 50 cereal boxes, 50 bean bags (one in each cereal box), one Frisbee per team.
Formation: Players are divided into two teams and each team is scattered on opposite sides of the playing area. Cereal boxes are spread out (25 on each side of the center court line) on the opposite side of the gym.

How to Play: Players take turns throwing the Frisbee to knock down the cereal boxes on their side. The first team to knock down all of their boxes will win the game.

After play has ended, take time to talk to students about healthy eating. Try to have one cereal box per child. Let them look at the ingredients chart on the side. During warm ups, say “if sugar is the number one ingredient in your cereal, do 10 push ups!” “If your cereal has more than 100 calories per serving, do 10 sit ups.” You can do this with sodium, carbohydrates, fiber count, etc…and vary the warm up exercise for each.

Pony Express
Equipment: 1 mail bag per team (equipment bag filled with 4 soft skinned balls or yarn balls), 4 cones
Format: 4-person team relay formation, with each team inside a corner of the area, standing by a cone.

How to Play: The first runner has the mail bag. On the signal, the first runner runs one lap, drops one “piece of mail” and then hands or delivers the mail bag to the next runner in his group. The second runner runs a lap, drops off a piece of mail and hands off to the third and so on. The first team to finish delivering all of their mail will win the relay. Remember, the mail bag has to go on one shoulder and under the opposite arm so it does not twist around the neck or fall off during delivery.

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