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Great Pumpkin Tag

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This is a fun chasing and fleeing activity with a cool Halloween theme.

- Small laminated pumpkin cut-outs
- 3 orange polyspots
- 4 “trick or treat” plastic pumpkins
- 4 orange foam balls

CLASS SET-UP Select 3-4 students to be the “Great Pumpkins” (taggers). Each of the taggers has a “Trick or Treat” plastic pumpkin and an orange foam ball. The rest of the students are given three small laminated pictures of a pumpkin. Each picture is small enough to be concealed in a student’s hand.

HOW TO PLAY On the teacher’s command, the Great Pumpkins begin tagging the other students by touching them with the orange foam ball. When a student is tagged, he places one of his three pumpkin pictures into the tagger’s “Trick or Treat” plastic pumpkin and continues to play the game.

Safe Bases: Three polyspots are also placed in the playing area. These are “safe bases.” A student is safe by placing one foot on the polyspot.
- Students may only stay on a polyspot for a 3-second “pumpkin count.” For example, “1 pumpkin, 2 pumpkin, 3 pumpkin.”
- A polyspot may only be used once by a student during the game. In other words, a student has to go to a new polyspot to be safe.
- Great Pumpkins are not allowed to “pumpkin pick,” stand and wait near a polyspot.

“Trick or Treat?” When a student is out of pumpkins, he may keep playing to trick a tagger. When tagged, he may open his hands to show that he is out of “treats.”

WOW (WORDS OF WISDOM) For this activity, we usually have a fun Halloween song playing as background music. Of course, the “Monster Mash” by Bobby “Boris” Pickett is our all-time favorite! When the song is over, we stop the game and let the Great Pumpkins count the number of “treats” they have been able to gather. Three new taggers are selected as we start the next round.

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