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Fun Halloween Ideas

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Here are several fun games and activities that can be used during the Halloween season.  
Submitted by Tracy Radler from Ewing, New Jersey.  K-6 


Background: Here are several fun games and activities that can be used during the Halloween season.

Halloween Commands (Grades 3-6)

- Green and Orange Cones
- List of “Halloween Commands”

Set-Up: The students are spread out in a large playing area safe for fast movement and changing directions. Green cones are placed on one end of the playing area and orange cones at the other end.

Procedure: This activity is similar to the game “Shipwreck,” where the students quickly respond to a series of cooperative challenges as directed by the teacher. These challenges (see following pages) are introduced 3-4 at a time with a demonstration of each one. After each challenge has been completed, the teacher blows a whistle which means “freeze” (“stop, look, and listen”) and says the next task to be performed. These cooperative commands include:

“Scarecrow” – All of the students run away from the orange cones with their hands up in the air pretending to be afraid.

“Don’t be Afraid” - All of the students walk back toward the orange cones.

“Trick or Treat” - The students find other students to say the word “Trick” to so they can get the response “or Treat.”

“Frankenstein” - Walk like a Frankenstein monster (with arms forward and up).

“Candy Corn” - Students get in groups of three and form a triangle-shaped candy corn with their bodies while lying on the floor.

“Too Much Candy!” – Students put their hands over their stomachs and pretend to be sick. Make a moaning noise.

“Tootsie Roll” – Students form cooperative groups of three players – two ends and a person in the middle.

“Cross the Street” – Students must get into cooperative groups of four players and walk around the playing area.

“Spiders” - Students must get into cooperative groups of nine players and make a spider – eight legs and a body

“Spider Web” - The entire class must connect together in the shape of a web.

Other: Your older students may enjoy creating their own challenges and commands. You can divide the class into groups of 3-4 students and provide each group with index cards and pencils. After writing the commands on the cards, each group leads the class in a series of cooperative commands.

Halloween Warm-Ups (Grades K-3)

Procedure: Using a Halloween theme, the teacher will direct the students in a variety of fun warm-up activities. For example, the students can do the “ghostly gallop,” “spooky slide,” or “haunted hops.” How about using your “monster muscles” to perform exercises to strengthen your “batty biceps,” “tricky triceps,” or “Halloween hamstrings?”

Happy Halloween Stations (Grades K-6)

Background: Use the following five activity stations to transform your gym into a Halloween Fun House. Assign 4-5 students per station. Equipment: Scooters, gymnastic mats, small parachute, polyspots, balls, beanbags, ropes, badminton racquets, cones, etc.


(1) Scooting Spiders Station: At this station, the students will move the “raft” (a large mat placed over four scooters) from a designated starting point through the cone maze. They should position themselves by kneeling on the mat and using their arms to pull the raft.


(2) Pumpkin Targets: The students will try to hit the targets (cones, hoops, etc) using available balls and other throwing objects. Or you can use several cone targets where the students use tennis deck rings and toss them on the tops of the cones.

(3) Ring the Doorbell: At this station, several small bells are attached to the basketball net. The students use the basketballs to “ring the doorbell” (make a basket) by shooting from specifc locations as designated by the polyspots.

(4) Ghostbusters: At this station, the students play a game of badminton using the badminton racquets and a white balloon (ghost) as the birdie.


(5) The Giant Spider Web: At this station, we constructed a “giant spider web” using a large wooden frame made from 2″ x 4″ lumber and Chinese jump ropes. The students were challenged to cooperatively get through the web without touching any of the stretch ropes.

Closing: Please feel free to modify any of the activity stations as needed, depending on the equipment that is available to you.

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