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Frisbee Bowling

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A neat frisbee tossing game for grades K-5.
Submitted by Andra McMillian, Huntsville, Alabama.


BACKGROUND: After teaching the basic skills of frisbee throwing, I developed this game to help my students improve their accuracy and control. The game quickly became a favorite. We now use it often as a station activity as well as a game for the entire class.

GRADES: Kindergarten and Up

EQUIPMENT: For each group you will need one student desk (We use a 28″ high desk with a 4″ storage compartment), five small cones or markers (We use small plastic bottles), and several frisbees.

HOW TO PLAY: Divide the class into groups of 2-4 players. Group members stand one behind another at the throw line. The target is about 20′ away, depending on the age and ability of the class. The first team member throws his frisbee in an attempt to score points for his team.

One point is scored for each marker knocked over. Two points are scored when the frisbee goes between the desk legs. Three points are scored if the frisbee lands in the desk compartment.

When all team members have thrown their frisbees. The first two players gather all their team’s frisbees and distribute them, and re-set any markers that have been knocked over. Play is continuous and each team keeps their own scores.

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