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Foxtail Volleyball

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Here’s an idea for an activity we have used as a fun volleyball lead-up game!
submitted by Mike Bohannon


- 1 volleyball net per game
- 1 Foxtail ball per game

CLASS SET-UP To maximize student participation, set-up as many volleyball games as feasible. Each game has approximately seven players per team.

BACKGROUND This game is played like a game of volleyball, except we throw a Foxtail ball instead of using a volleyball.

HOW TO PLAY As in the game of volleyball, only the serving team may score points. The serving team throws the Foxtail over the net to the receiving team. The players on the receiving team try to successfully catch the Foxtail and throw it back over the net. The general rules of volleyball apply to this game. For example, if the receiving team is unable to return the Foxtail (i.e., the Foxtail hits the ground inbounds), a point is scored for the serving team. If the serving team is unable to successfully get the Foxtail back over the net, then the other team gets the Foxtail and the serve. Teams may have up to three players catch the Foxtail before it is finally thrown over the next.

VARIATIONS Here are a few variations for your consideration:
- Allow the players on the serving team to “assist” the serve. In other words, if the serve falls short, up to two other players may help to get the Foxtail over the net.
- Rotate the server after three serves. This allows for more students to be servers.
- Allow players with the Foxtail to take up to two steps before throwing it. The foxtail may be played off the net, except on the serve.

WOW (WORDS OF WISDOM) The first team to score 5 points is the winner. We usually allow games to last no longer than 3 minutes. If no team has won in 3 minutes, we rotate servers and start a new game.

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