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Four Corner Kickball

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Here’s a new spin on kickball.  
Submitted by Ann Kiernan, Arlington, Virginia.  Grades 3-8.


Four Corner Kickball is a game that older students really enjoy! Unlike the traditional game of kickball, this game offers greater student participation, less waiting time, and more action!


  • Eight bases
  • Four Gator Skin foam balls or Nerf soccerballs

Background Information: This game is really four games in one! The game uses a double set of bases that allows for four games to take place at the same time. Divide your class into teams as shown. Four teams will be “at bat” and the opposing teams are in the outfield. During the game, the players share the bases and baselines.

For example, the players on Team A will run to first base (which is also homeplate for Team B) and then proceed to second base, third base, and home. The players on Team B will run to their first base (which is also second base for Team A) and then on to second, third, and home. Likewise, first base for Team C is also homeplate for Team D and Team D”s first base is also Team C”s second base.

How to Play: Play begins when a player on the outfield team rolls the Nerf soccerball to the first kicker. The kicker kicks the ball and runs to first base. The players in the outfield retrieve the ball and try to get the runner out. Other rules include:

- Like softball, outs are made by catching a fly ball, tagging the runner with the ball, or causing a “force out.” Additionally, if a player kicks two foul balls, he or she is out.

- Teams change sides after two outs.

Teacher Tips: Since there are several games going on at the same time, remind the students to use good “Four Corner Kickball” etiquette. These rules may include:

- Be considerate of others. Do not let your play interfere with the other games.

- Be polite. Since this game involves sharing bases and baselines, cooperate with each other so everyone can play his or her game.

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