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Four Corner Hockey

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Here’s a great hockey game for grades 4-6.  
Submitted by Brian McGowan, Fairfax, Virginia.  


Equipment: Hockey pucks, sticks, safety goggles, and cones.

Set Up: This game is a great lead-up game for our hockey unit. Have the students line up as shown (cones mark the square). Have a goal at each corner. Divide the class into four teams and number off each player. A hockey stick, safety goggles and a puck for each team are in the center. A goalie stick and safety goggles are in each goal as well.

Procedure: Call two numbers at a time. The first number is the goalie and the second number is the offensive player. Give them time to put their goggles on and have their sticks ready. Offensive players are to score as many times as possible in 45 seconds in an opponent�s goal. Once a goal is scored, the puck and that goal are taken out of play. The player who scored is now free to steal a puck and to score in the remaining goals. After 45 seconds, have the students put the equipment back and return to the line, then call out two more numbers.

Our Safety Rules: 1.) Keep both hands on the stick at all times. 2.) Keep the stick below the waist.

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