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Food Pyramid Relay

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In this great group activity, your students will develop a practical understanding of nutritional choices and healthy eating habits.

- Laminated food pyramid posters with Velcro attachments
- Laminated pictures of a variety of foods (all food groups included) with Velcro attachments.

Divide the class into groups of five or fewer and have them form single-file lines behind the class starting line. Place each group’s pyramid posters on the gym wall opposite the class. Food photos for each group are placed under each pyramid poster.

Students will perform a given locomotor skill (ex: skip) or animal walk (ex: bear walk) to the far side of the gym and pick up a food picture. The students will match the picture to the correct food group and attach the picture to the food group poster. After this is completed, the students run back, tag the next person in line, and go to the end of the line. This continues until all of the food items have been placed on the food pyramid. Share the pyramid results with the students and discuss as time allows.

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