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Food Group Tag

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A fun cardio game. This activity teaches the students about the food pyramid and the foods that belong in each food group.

- Foam balls in five different colors
- Photocopied food group pictures
- Containers
- Exercise cards

Place the “Food Box” container with different pictures of foods at one side of the gym. At the other end, have the five Food Group Stations with a container and exercise card.
Divide the class into groups of five. Select one group to be the initial Food Taggers and give each Tagger a different colored ball that represents one of the five food groups (ex: green = grain, red = fruit).

On the teacher’s signal, the Taggers begin chasing the students. When tagged, the Tagger tells the student the name of his food group. The tagged player goes to the Food Box and selects a food representing the food group. He then goes to the Food Group Station to do the exercise (ex: ski jump 10 times). When done, the student puts the picture into the container and returns to the game. After a set time (2-3 minutes), select a new group to be the Taggers.

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