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Food Group Relay

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Chris Kammerer from Minneapolis, Minnesota submitted these two games for grades 1-6.



Here are two fun food group relays that we have used to reinforce basic nutritional information. They integrate nutrition using physical activity.

Food Group Relay #1


Homemade locomotor skills cards in a container for each group
Copies of Food Guide Pyramids
Food cards (or “fake food”) and a container for each food group (grain food cards, vegetable food cards, fruit food cards, meat/fish/poultry/egg food cards, dairy food cards, and fats/sweets food cards)

Description: This relay is for grades 1-3. Use a relay format with 3-4 students per group. On your signal, the first person in each line draws a locomotor skill card (Examples: skip, run, walk, slide, etc.) from their container, reads it, and puts it back. That person then performs that locomotor movement to the food cards that are scattered upside down. He draws a card and runs back to the food group containers where he should place the card in the appropriate food group container. He then tags the next person in line. The relay continues until all of the food cards are gone. After the relay is over, we review each food group container to see if the foods were placed in the correct container. For younger children, I have them tell me first which container the card should go into.

Food Group Relay #2


Cones and hoops

Food pyramid sheet for each group

Food cards:

- Grain Food cards, at least 48
- Vegetable Food cards, at least 30
- Fruit Food Cards, at least 24
- Meat/Fish/Poultry/Egg Food Cards, at least 18
- Dairy Food Cards, at least 18
- Fats/Sweets Food Cards, at least 18

Description: This relay is for grades 3-6. The object of this relay is to build a food pyramid by collecting the recommended servings in each food group. For example: 2-4 Fruits, 3-5 vegetables, etc.

Divide the class into small groups of 3-4 players. Line each group behind a marker with a Food Pyramid Chart for their reference. Food cards are upside down in hoops at the opposite end of the gym. I sort them by food group and scatter some “Fats, oils, and sweets” in each food group hoop.

On the signal, the first person runs to the food group hoops and collects one food card, brings it back to his group and places it into their hoop, starting a pyramid. The next person repeats the exercise, with the group continuing until their pyramid is complete or time is up. If a student picks up a “bad food” choice (fats, oils, and sweets), it is placed above the top of the pyramid. Each group is allowed only one of these cards. If they get another, they must hand it off to the next person in line to return it to the hoop for another card.

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