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Fitness Survivors


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A great game idea for grades 4-8.  
Submitted by Reggie Daigle, Latham, New York. 


This activity is based on the TV show “Survivor.” Divide the class into small relay teams. Each team is given a name (e.g., Pagong, Kucha, Obacore). In front of each team is an obstacle course (leap small hurdle, step in tires, jump side-to-side over rope, etc.) and a lacrosse stick and a fleece ball. On the signal, the first person in line travels through the course. When he arrives at the end, he must shoot with the lacrosse stick at a bowling pin target that is placed inside a small indoor goal. A bonus point is given to the team that knocks down the pin. We play a round of 2 minutes. The teams score one point for each student who gets through the course, and an extra bonus point whenever the pin is knocked down. One player from each team is assigned to reset the pin during the round.

At the end of each round, the team with the highest score gets to hold the immunity idol (rubber chicken with a scarf tied around it) and jog around the gym while the other teams perform a series of teacher-led exercises to get them ready for the next round!

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