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Fitness Lines

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A sure-fire fitness activity for upper elementary students and above!

Here is a terrific activity that can be adapted to most grade levels and situations. Once the students understand the basic process of this activity, it is easy to add a new line to expand this activity to include additional skill and fitness activities.

For students in grades 6-12, begin with the following six designated “Line-Up” activities in the gym as seen in the graphic. For your younger students, start with 2-3 lines and add new lines throughout the school year.

Divide the class into six groups. Assign each group to one of the six Fitness Lines.

Fitness Lines
In this activity, the students do a specific exercise at each of the six lines for a 30-second period of time. When the music stops, the students jog in place, inching forward to the next line. When the music starts, they begin the exercises associated with this new line.

  • Line 1 – Jog in Place
    At this line, the students jog in place during the music and jog to line #2 when the music stops.
  • Line 2 – Jazzy Jumping Jacks
    Students do Jumping Jacks to the music and progress to line #3 when the music stops.
  • Line 3 – Reverse Sit-Ups
    Students lie on their stomachs with arms extended forward and ankles crossed. They raise their shoulders and chest off the ground for a count of 1-5 and repeat.
  • Line 4 – Alternate Lunges
    Students step forward with their right foot (and then left foot) to a lunge position.
  • Line 5 – Leg Straddles
    Students lay on their backs and raise their legs up 3-4 inches off the floor for a count of 1-5 and repeat.
  • Line 6 – Jump the Line
    Students jump back and forth over a line on the gym floor. When the music stops, players jog back to Line 1 to complete the cycle.

While it is easy for the teacher to start and stop the music as needed, you can also pre-record a CD that has 30 seconds of music followed with 30 seconds of no music. Save time and be creative with your use of gym lines. Almost every line used in the basketball boundaries can be worked into Fitness Lines.

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