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Everyone Runs


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Kathy Houk from Hermiston, Oregon submitted this lead-up game for grades 2-3.

This is a great lead-up game for your younger students. It teaches the students how to run the bases in the correct order and to step on each base.


  • One nerf soccer ball
  • Set of indoor bases (duct tape to keep the bases down)

How to Play: Divide the class into two teams with one team in a line behind home plate and the other team in the outfield next to the basketball hoop. The nerf soccer ball is rolled to home plate where the first player kicks it. (To be a fair kick it must cross the middle of the court.) The kicker, followed by the whole team (in order), runs all the bases. After passing home base, the team forms the same line behind home plate. The first kicker goes to the end of the line and the next players comes up to kick.

In the meantime, the fielding team’s first player stands in front of the basketball goal to field the ball. Once he retrieves the ball, he takes one shot at the basket. If this player misses he goes to the end of the line as the next player gets the rebound and takes a shot. This continues until a basket is made. The kicking team is safe if they all make it home before a basket is made. The person to make the basket is the person who rolls the ball to the next kicker.

Other: We play until everyone has had a chance to kick and then the teams trade places. We never keep score, but it would be easy to do. If the kicking team gets too exhausted, you can have only four students at a time running the bases.

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