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Duck Feathers

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This modification of an all-time Favorite will get your students moving in no time at all.

- Clothespins (at least 3 per student)
- 1 Rubber Duckie (for the Tagger)
- Collection Bucket
- Music

CLASS SET-UP Give each student three or more clothes- pins. The three clothespins are clipped onto the back of the students’ t-shirts. The students are spread out in the playing area. One student is selected to be the Tagger (“Duck Plucker”) and stands in the center of the play area. A “Collection Bucket” is also placed near the center.

HOW TO PLAY This fun high-energy tag game is a modification of a student favorite – “Clothespin Tag.” The object of “Duck Feathers” is for the Tagger to collect as many clothespins (Feathers) as he can. When the music starts, the Tagger runs to tag the students. Once tagged, the student must give up one of his clothespins by placing it in the Collection Bucket.

OTHER RULES Once the game starts, players may also steal clothespins off of other players as well. When a clothespin is taken by a student, the student will leave the play- ing area and clip it to the back of his t-shirt.
- Students may only take one clothespin from a player at a time.
- Students may not hold onto the clothespins during the game.
- A student in the process of putting a clothespin in the Collection Buck- et is “off-limits” to other students.
- When there are five clothespins in the Collection Bucket, the round ends.
- The music is stopped and everyone counts up their clothespins.
- The person having the most clothespins will become the Tagger for the next round.

W.O.W. Try color coding the clothespins with red, white, and blue spray paint. Provide a point value for each color. For example, red = 1 point, white = 2 points, blue = 3 points. At the end of each round, The students total their points. The student with the highest total is the new Tagger.

By Debby Pelletier

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