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Drug Free

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Here’s a good game for grades K-3.  
Submitted by Lita Seifker, Ottawa, Ohio.


“Red Ribbon Week” is usually the last week in October. Here is a fun tag game that was adapted from “Clam Free” from More New Games by Andrew Fluegelman. I called my adaptation “Drug Free,” and fit it into “Red Ribbon Week.”

Background: Prior to the game, we discuss what drugs are and why it is important for us to be drug free. We then select three students to be “It.” Each of the three students is given a nerf ball. These nerf balls represent “Alcohol,” “Tobacco,” and “Illegal Drugs.”

How We Play It: The rest of the class stand against the wall. On a signal, all the students run around the gym. There is no base. The “Its” chase the students and try to tag them with the nerfball. When a player is tagged, he is frozen and may not move until two classmates make a circle by clasping hands around him and all three yell “Drug Free!” The person who was frozen is now drug free and back in the game. Give the three “Its” about a minute to get everyone out, then change “Its.”

As the students cool down we discuss healthy alternatives to drugs, such as riding bicycles, playing sports, swimming, or reading. We take their suggestions and list them on a bulletin board outside the gym.

Closing: Here’s a cute quote from one of our second grade students: “Don’t do drugs cause it could give you heartburn.”

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