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Dribble Dodge

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This is a good dribbling game for grades 2-6.  
Submitted by Sue Coman, Midlothian, Illinois.


Equipment: 3-5 basketballs, hula hoops for the entire class, music

Skills: Dribbling, ball handling, defense skills

Background: After a few days of stationary dribbling/ball handling practice, we begin moving with the ball straight up and down the court. This next progression incorporates more ball control, protection, and directionality.

How We Play: Establish boundaries, usually the volleyball court lines. Randomly spread hula hoops on the floor and assign one student per hoop. Have 4-5 students in the center of the court, each with a basketball.

When the music starts, the dribblers may move anywhere in bounds as they maneuver themselves around the hoops. The students in the hoops try to steal a ball or create a turnover as the dribblers pass by. After a few minutes, stop the music and change dribblers. If a hoop player successfully steals or picks up a rolling ball, that dribbler moves into the hoop and a new dribbler takes over.

Special Rules for Dribblers:

1. Must always be moving (at their own speed)
2. Must always be dribbling
3. Must stay in the established boundary lines (ball and body)

Special Rules for Hoop Players:

1. Hoop must not move (taped boxes on the floor work also)
2. Both feet must stay in the hoop
3. May only try to steal the ball; may not contact the dribbler.
4. May only pick up a ball if it comes to their hoop.
5. May call a dribbler out of bounds if it occurs near their hoop; after calling a dribbler “out,” players exchange places.

Variations: After classes have had a little practice and understand the game rules, you can referee the dribblers and whistle them for double dribbling, traveling, carrying, etc. If a student is called for a violation, he changes places with a nearby hoop player.

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