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Dr. Seuss

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Here’s a Dr Suess based obstacle course that can be used conjunction with “Read Across America.”  Grades K-4. 


Background: Every year our school (and schools across the country) participates in “Read Across America.” To help with the celebration of reading, we designed a variety of indoor activity stations with a Dr. Seuss theme. The kids loved it!

#1) Horton Hatches the Egg
(“What color is Horton’s egg?”)
Short Description: The students will climb the cargo net. At the top, for those who want to go that high, is a nest with a colored plastic egg inside. Students whisper to the teacher the color of the egg and leave the secret for others to find.

#2) If I Ran the Zoo
Short Description: The students will go to the low rings and perform a Skin the Cat, a Bird’s Nest, and other interesting shapes and movements.

#3) The King’s Stilts
Short Description: The students wear a paper crown and use the short plastic stilts. They will walk down a pathway with obstacles to dodge.

#4) Fox in Socks
Short Description: At this station, the students will put on a pair of extra large socks over their shoes. They will slide on the floor to a table with a set of speed stacking cups ( where they stack the cups and say a tongue twister (see below for examples). Before running back to the start, the student takes the socks off to give to the next person in line.

Sample Tongue Twisters
Friendly Frank flips fine flapjacks.

Fat frogs flying past fast.

Of all the felt I ever felt,
I never felt a piece of felt
which felt as fine as that felt felt,
when first I felt that felt hat’s felt.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck
if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
He would chuck, he would, as much as he could,
and chuck as much wood as a woodchuck would
if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

#5) The Lorax
Short Description: This activity operates like the shuttle run. There are two hula hoops set a distance apart. In each hoop will be three plastic pails with one bean bag in each pail (the other hoop’s pails are empty).

There are two sets of hoops, so two players may race against each other. One student is the Lorax, one is the Once-ler. The beanbags are the Truffula seeds. Students will run to a pail and pick up one beanbag and run back to place it in an empty pail. Do this until all three pails are filled.

#6) The Butter Battle Book
Short Description: At this station, there is a mat set up as a “wall.” Students are on opposite sides of the wall to throw the soft Frisbees back and forth over the mat.

The object is to try to get all the Frisbees on the other side before the opponent can do so. Or students can play toss and catch over the wall.

Different types of equipment could be used here, such as lollipop paddles and fluff balls or scoops and plastic balls.

#7) I Can Read with My Eyes Shut
Short Description: At this station, the students travel through a maze of obstacles using a “telescope” made of a paper towel cardboard roll and keeping the other eye shut. For example, we had the students will go up a set of stairs, through mats standing on edge, under the parallel bars covered by the parachute, over a hurdle, down a ramp, through a hoop standing upright, and back to the starting point.

#8) And to Think I Saw it on Mulberry Street
Short Description: A folded up mat is placed on several scooters to make a “carriage.” A student will pull his partner from one side of the gym to the other using a tire tube as the handle. They will switch roles to return. The second time through, the student pushes the carriage to the other side of the gym where they will again switch places.

#9) Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose
Short Description: Students will create a “hat” to wear and then cross the low balance beam balancing the created hat on their heads. Ideas for hat creations include: books, plastic domes, straws to put in the hole of dome, frog and hippo bean bags to place on the book, juggling scarves, other available items.

Other: Don’t forget to take lots of pictures! For more information about the Read Across America program, go to

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