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Dory’s Rescue

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A scooter board tag game for grades K-2.
Submitted by Don Forester from Wichita, Kansas.  

Background: This is a scooter board tagging game and is a modification of Diane Matzke’s Survivor Tag (Great Activities: Volume 21, Number 2). The game is based on the character of Dory, the Regal Blue, who helped Marlin (Nemo’s father) find his son Nemo.

- Scooters
- A variety of plastic sea creatures; including a Beanie Baby Dory, Nemo, and/or Marlin
- Cones
- Small plastic beach pail and slips of paper with the names of the sea creatures written on them
- The soundtrack to the Finding Nemo movie

Set-Up: We scatter a variety of different sea creatures, including Dory, Nemo, and/or Marlin on one end of the basketball court. The students are with a partner (or in very small teams). Each set of partners is given a scooter.

How We Do It: Select two students to be the taggers. Each tagger is on a scooter. When the music begins to play, the students with the scooters “swim” to the end of the court and rescue one of the sea animals. A swimmer who makes it safely to the coral reef (where the sea creatures are) has a free swim back to his or her team with one of the sea creatures.

If a swimmer is tagged before reaching the coral reef, he must turn around and swim back to his partner.  The partner will now get on the scooter to rescue one of the sea creatures.

After all of the sea animals have been rescued, we  draw a slip of paper from the bucket that contains the name of one of the sea animals (i.e., the yellow starfish). The couple possessing that sea animal become taggers for the next game.

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