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Dead Ant Tag

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Help your students understand the importance of cooperation with these three exciting activities! Your students will gain a better understanding of teamwork, clear communication, cooperation, and sportsmanship. In order for the group to be successful in these activities, all students will need to work together and demonstrate positive communication.


- Pinnies or jerseys
- Source of music!

We typically greet the students as they enter the gym. They walk to the center circle, sit down in “pretzel legs,” and wait quietly for class to begin.

The teacher will choose five students to be the “Taggers.” The rest of the class scatters in the gym. The Taggers wear a jersey and tag others lightly (open hand) on the shoulder or upper back. If a student gets tagged, he will lie down on his back and put his hands and legs upright in the air, so as to become a “dead ant.” To be unfrozen, four students must latch onto a “dead ant” by holding his arms and legs. Once the four students are holding a “dead ant” at the same time, the “dead ant” is free to get up and move again.

- When students are holding a “dead ant,” they cannot be tagged.

- Also, the Taggers are not allowed to “puppy guard,” meaning they may not tag students right after they’ve helped the “dead ant.”

About every 2 minutes or so, we stop the music and ask the current Taggers to choose new Taggers. The other students will raise their hands to show that they want to be a Tagger.

If a Tagger gets tired, he stops and begins walking outside the basketball court lines until he feels ready to re-join the activity.

If the teacher says “reset” it means that the students all get up because there are too many “dead ants” on the floor. We then select new Taggers and start another round!

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