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Curl-Up Clubs


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An interesting idea for improving abdominal fitness for grades K-6.  
Submitted by Susan Jackson, Childersburg, Alabama.


BACKGROUND: At Childersburg Elementary School, we have been improving our abdominal endurance scores through the use of the Terrific Ten Club. Students who are able to do continuous curl-ups for a 10-second period on three consecutive class meetings are given a certificate and can sign their name on the club poster.

We usually spend 3-5 minutes at the end of each class to “try-out” for the Club. Try having five different levels:

Ten Seconds: Terrific Ten Club

Twenty Seconds: Crunchers

Thirty Seconds: Half-Marathoners

Forty-Five Seconds: Fantastic Forty-Fivers

Sixty-Seconds: Marathoners

Because the format of this program is based on the students doing curl-ups for a given duration, it is very easy to monitor a large group of students at a time. The students decide what level they are trying to complete and have a partner hold their feet as I use a stopwatch to time the students.

At the same time, the students can experience a “hands-on” approach to health-related fitness terminology. Words such as “progression,” “duration,” “intensity,” and “muscle overload” can be introduced to your students in conjunction with the Terrific Ten Club.

The students will experience how to develop muscle endurance through a program that uses the principle of “progression” that slowly increases the duration of the exercise period.

Your students will be able to increase their abdominal endurance, perform better on your health-related fitness tests, and have a better understanding of how to increase safely their muscle endurance through the sound training principle of “progression.”

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